Update: 2/13/2024. We have temporarily moved Doctor of Credit feed to the bottom until they can get a handle of their DDOS situation and open up their feeds again.

Update: 2/2/2024. We have been monitoring the Doctor of Credit feed for the past couple and it is safe to say that it has been restored without any further errors. Cheers to the Doctor of Credit team! We will be removing the live.milesfeed.com streaming feed since it was quite unpopular.

Update: 1/27/2024. As you may be aware, Doctor of Credit has not been updated for the last 2 days. They have implemented an anti bot feature from Cloudflare which prevents us from accessing their feed to update on our website. I will not work around this since if they do not want us reaching their rss feed, then I will respect that decision. The feed will be left up for a month to see if they reverse that decision and if not, the feeds will be rearranged then. Thank you.

Update: 8/16/2023. Just wanted to give all our users a quick update on what is going on as there have been quite a few changes happening these couple of days. First of all, our back-end system that handled all of our updates totally gave in on itself back in July. As some of you had noticed, the feeds were not being updated. It took some time to get it back up again but at the same time, we wanted to provide users with a new way of getting blog updates. We thought that having a stream of newly updated blog post was something users might want so two days ago we relaunched with that new system. After getting feedback from our users, it seemed like the original milesfeed format was quite popular and we decided to do a 360 to bring it back up ASAP. As we did not want to force this change on our loyal users, milesfeed.com will stay as is. The new system of streaming updates will be moved to our sub-menu under "Live Feed". We also cleaned up some of the inactive websites/blogs and added new ones. We will try to be more active on twitter in terms of handling requests and feedback. Please reach out to us there. Again, we are sorry for all the problems our users had to endure these couple of days. Thank you.

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